Zebra Puffle
Zebra Puffle2

Available The Puffle Party and Puffle Emporium
Attitude Impatient, dynamic
Member only No
Favorite toys Treadmill and punching bag
Play action Runs/hops on treadmill
Dance Swirls its tail and swings its Mohawk
Tongue color Black
Speed Fast
Special features Good at wrestling and running

The Zebra Puffle is a puffle that can be earned at The Puffle Party by doing Task 1. They can also be bought at the Puffle Emporium. They are named after their similar appearance to zebras.


Attitude: Impatient
Favorite toys: Treadmill and punching bag
Hat item: Rainbow spiky Mohawk
Special fact: Runs very fast.
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Runs/hops on its treadmill
Even Better Play: Nudges its punching bag
Bath: Mohawk becomes flat
Gum: Blows zebra-pattern bubble
Dance: Swirls its tail and swings its Mohawk
Brush: Mohawk changes to a suave, flat hairdo.
Tickle: Makes zebra noises.


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