Tiger Puffle
Tiger Puffle Meow

Available The Puffle Party and Puffle Emporium
Attitude Vicious, strong
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Soccer ball and yoga ball
Play action Chews on soccer ball
Dance Rolls around back and forth
Tongue color Purple
Speed Fast
Special features Can jump very high

The Tiger Puffle is a puffle that can be earned at The Puffle Party by doing Task 2. They can also be bought at the Puffle Emporium.They are named after their similar appearance to tigers.


Attitude: Strong
Favorite toys: Soccer ball and yoga ball
Hat item: Winter hat
Special fact: Largest puffle
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Pushes around a soccer ball
Even Better Play: Rolls around with a yoga ball
Bath: Resists but falls in
Gum: Chews on gum packet
Dance: Pounces
Brush: Stripes become swirls
Tickle: Growls.


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