The Winter Party 2015

Members only No
When December 21 - January 30
Free Item(s) Lucy's Dainty Winter Giveaway, Jay's Winter Givaway, Dogkid's Absolute Zero Giveaway
Where Blisk/The wiki
Mascot(s) Lucy, Blue Jay, Gracie

The Winter Party was an event that occurred in Winter. Operation: Freeze took place during this party. Penguins were able to travel to Blisk.


Image Item Type Cost
LucyWinterBackground Lucy's Dainty Winter Givaway Background Free
JayWinterWonderlandGiveaway Jay's Winter Wonderland Giveaway Background Free
DoggyWinter Dogkid's Absolute Zero Giveaway Background Free



  • This party is unrelated to The Holiday Party.
    • However, it is related to Operation:Freeze.
  • This party is meant to represent winter, as December 21st is the start of Winter.
    • However, it ends much before winter ends.
  • It's much different then The Winter Party 2016

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