The Waterific Summer Party

Members only No
When July 1-31st
Free Item(s) Nonmembers

Faye's Rockin' Surfboard Giveaway


Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Faye, Dogkid, ADL, Sunny, Lucy

The Waterific Summer Party was an event that occurred in 2014. It celebrates summer.


Image Item Type Cost
Faye Summer BG Faye's Rockin' Surfboard Giveaway Backgrounds Free
DOGKIDe Summer BG Dogkid's Bloody Fantastic Paradise Giveaway Backgrounds Free
N/A Sunny's Summer Giveaway Backgrounds Free
ADL's Aquatic Attribute ADL's Aquatic Attribute Backgrounds Free
LucySummerBG Lucy's Surfing Doll Giveaway Backgrounds Free



  • It's a party to celebrate summer.
  • Dogkid's playercard is the same from the Fiesta del Queso.
  • Faye's and Dogkid's playercards look alike.

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