The Gary Takeover

Members only No
When January-February 2014
Free Item(s) I love Coffee T Shirt, Gary's Coffee Giveaway, Clone #1 and #2 Giveaway
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary clones #1 Gary clone #71

The Gary Takeover was an event that happened on the wiki.


Gary accidentally makes 70 clones of himself who take over the island. They attempt to turn it into a coffee paradise, only those loyal to Gary and lovers of coffee are allowed.


Image Item Type Cost
I heart coffee t shirt I Heart Coffee T-Shirt Body Item 600 PSA Medals
Gary Coffee Giveaway Gary's Coffee Giveaway Backgrounds Free
Clone1 and clone2 giveaway Clone 1 and Clone 71's Giveaway Backgrounds Free


  • The clones consider Gary to be their leader.
  • All but one of the clones were destroyed after the takeover.
    • Clone #71 survived in Jay's attempts to save him as the only good clone, but he was also the only failed clone.