Back for more I see.. I was expecting THAT!
— Star
Star Blackwood
Star Updated

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Position Unknown
Friends Herbert, RPF
Enemies Kris, Riley, Jet, Carter, Kyle, Joey, Faye, and Zoey
Favorites Swords, murdering penguins
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Unknown
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

ShadowStar Blackwood (Originally just Star before using Kris' "Full-Fledge Shadow" spell) is the main villain of the Shadow family. He tries to kill the Shadow family because he wants their powers, usually going after Kris, Riley, or Kyle.


Star isn't actually a penguin. Long ago, a dark wizard created him to take over the world so he could make everyone do his bidding. No one is actually sure what he is. Not expecting what he would do, Star killed the wizard by slitting his throat. One time, Kris and his family wanted to finish Star off once and for all so they battled him. But even if the family stood victorious, he still managed to kill Kris and Jet. But even if Kyle killed Star, he came back to life, stronger then ever. Now with his new name Shadowstar, he hopes that he can finally take over this world once and for all.


Shadowstar is a vicious and brutal "penguin". He's anxious to take over the world and kill the entire Shadow family so he can take over the world easily.




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