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Age 4
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends  ?
Enemies Herbert
Favorites O' Berries
Related To Ayanna (Twin). Puffles (Father), Lily (Mother)
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Raiden is the son of Puffles and Lily, being the brother oof Ayanna. He's one of the youngest PSA agents. He doesn't go on any missions, hhowever, and usually stays at the Dojo to train under his great-uncle, Sensei.


Raiden, being a pookie, is yellow, and has curly hair, similar to that of his uncle when he was younger. He loves to wear his white scarf.


Raiden loves turtles, and his white scarf. He will often play with his aunt and sister.


  • His name means "lightning."

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