The Manual of Style is expected to be followed by all pages, and any page that does not follow it may be marked as a stub. Any title that the article may have, including alternate names, should be stated and put in bold in the header of the page. The header should include a brief description about what the article is about.

General NotesEdit

  • Proper grammar and punctuation is expected.
  • Referring to anything as "new" is discouraged, as it will eventually not be new.
  • There should be no empty sections in any article. Writing TBW, or any variation, does not count as filling a section.
  • The Policy still applies when creating and editing a page.


Proper Templates are expected to be on all pages, in the proper locations, with Notice Templates being at the top, followed by an Infobox, followed by a single quote. Navboxes should be placed at the end of the article. Templates should be excluded if they do not apply.


Articles about Characters are expected to have both a History and Personality section, which should contain the character's backstory, and personality respectively. While this is more lenient on lesser important characters, which may be able to get away with just one of the sections, more major characters require both.


Articles about Objects should contain a description of the object, and its purpose.


Articles about Agencies should contain the Agency's job, and who is in the agency.


Articles about Locations should contain the significance of the location.

Puffle SpeciesEdit

Articles about Puffle Species should contain facts about the characteristics of the puffle.


Articles about Languages should contain all known words in that language.


Articles which are Jokes are acceptable. However, they must be put in the Jokes Category, and must still follow the Manual of Style.

Trivia SectionsEdit

Trivia Sections should only contain information that indirectly relates to an article.


Galleries should contain only images of what the article is about. If a gallery becomes large enough (generally 8/9 images), a subpage should be created for it. These subpages should include a header stating what the page is a gallery of, and should be filed under Category:Images.


Only the Categories a page belongs in should be added. A new category should not be created unless there is a purpose to that category. Opinion categories are also not allowed.

Archived PagesEdit

A page will be Archived when the owner of the page goes inactive, or the owner decides to archive it. When a page is archived, the {{Archived}} Template will be added to the top of the page.