Adam Second Custom

Age 14
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends The PSA, Tra
Enemies Herbert, Tusk, Protobot, bullies
Favorites Computers, Puffles, Singing, Waffles
Related To Jamie
Romance Interest Tra (formerly)
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Patrick Adam Dallas is a member of the PSA, the brother of Jamie, as well as the ex-boyfriend of Tra. He owns a gold puffle called Galaxy.


Patrick is often quiet and independent. He doesn't enjoy big crowds or people due to his past. He does have a good sense of humor but doesn't show it. His favorite song is Written in the Stars by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.


Patrick is very independent. He doesn't enjoy school due to many reasons. At the age of 9, he would often get bullied and beaten up and no one would be there to help him. This happened even in high school and other grades. Every year the same thing would happen, but at grade 9, Myles saw him get beat up by a kid named Jimmy. Myles helped him up and they became great friends. Months after, they realized their feelings for each other and started dating. They have, however, broken up. Whenever Patrick has the chance he helps the PSA with anything they need help with.


  • "St. Patrick's Day? Yeah I actually thought the day was about me when I was younger! Hah!"
  • "I dream of being a computer geek when I grow up, Which I actually am right now! I mean like work with computers and games and such!"


  • He is an exclusive Ice Blue Penguin.


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