You won't win this time, Star!
— Jet talking to his enemy
Jet In Final Battle Custom redo

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA agent
Friends Everyone except for LOVE and RPF
Enemies RPF, LOVE, Shadowstar
Favorites Carter
Related To Carter, Kris, Riley, Kyle
Romance Interest Carter
Status Deceased
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Jet Shadow was the father of Kris, Kyle, and Riley. In his free time, like his wife Carter, he worked with the PSA to help fight crime and evil. Before he and his son, Kris, died in a battle with Shadowstar, he had saved his family many times.


Jet was very protective of his family which he shares this trait with Carter. He did anything to protect his family from Star.


Jet was a incredible fighter and a friendly and protective penguin. During a battle with Star which was supposed to be the final battle, He had died. Jet enjoys fighting but doesn't enjoy if Carter or any of his family do anything extremely dangerous


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