Jamie Custom

Age 14
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends The PSA, Tra
Enemies Herbert, Tusk, Protobot
Favorites Puffles, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pink
Related To Patrick
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Jamie Rose Dallas is a member from the PSA as well as the sister of Patrick. Cody has feelings for her. She is unaware of this. She owns three puffles: Chomp, Rose Lily, and puffles, who are orange, pink, and white respectively.


Jamie is very sweet and kind. She is very close with her brother, Patrick, and is good friends with his boyfriend Tra. She's very smart and makes friends easily. Her favorite song is Eyes Wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter.


Jamie is the sister of Patrick. When they were young, they really enjoyed playing many games with each other such as puzzles and board games. They both enjoyed singing together. They have a very close relationship.


  • "Puffles! Come to me! I'll make sure you're nice and cozy."
  • "I wish the snow was pink."
  • "I had a dream about pink and purple snow and sky. I hope my dream comes true. Please penguin god."

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