Herberta G. Bear

Age Between 40 and 50 Years Old
Gender Female
Species Polar Bear
Position Herbert's sister
Friends N/A
Enemies Elsa
Favorites Unknown
Related To Herbert P. Bear (Brother), Harrison P. Bear (Ancestor)
Romance Interest Rookie, Gary*
Status Alive
Alternate Form Hungry Herberta
Portrayed By ?

Herberta G. Bear is Herbert's identical twin sister, despite being the opposite gender as her. She enjoys annoying her brother, and has actually helped the PSA on one occasion.


Herberta is loyal to her brother, but is sometimes actually friendly towards penguins. This is shown with her crush on Rookie, but she will often be jealous towards whoever he has a crush on. One day, she hopes to be a fashion designer. She prefers to call Herbert, Herbie Werbie.

Hungry HerbertaEdit

Hungry Herberta is a clone of Herberta from a different dimension. She eats almost everything, having eaten Happy Herbert (she thought he was a penguin), The Moon, and one of Popcorn Guy's bombs. After the bomb exploded, she ate him, but he tasted too much like popcorn, so she spit him out. Hungry Herberta was discovered shortly after the PSA destroyed Happy Herbert. She attempted to eat several agents and, strangely, fell in love with Gary.


  • For some odd reason, she has a tattoo of Link on her left arm.


  • "Aww, Herbie Werbie..."
  • "That 'Rookie' agent is adorable!"


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