GoldenStar Goldenfur Goldenpaw Goldenkit burned

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Cat
Position PSA member
Friends ForestClan
Enemies Shadowclan, Riverclan
Favorites His siblings and his parents, Playing
Related To Cloudfur, Hawkfeather, Foxkit, Snowkit, Mintkit, Shimmerkit
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Goldenstar is a reincarnation of Kris, his spirit being in the cat. He is a golden cat with light brown markings and blue eyes. Gary is currently finding a way to turn him back into a penguin.


Not too long ago there was a penguin named Kris. He was in a battle with his whole family to finally take down their enemy, Shadowstar. But in that battle, Kris and his father, Jet, were killed, along with Star. That was the last we saw of Kris, as so it seems...

A few months ago, there was a cat named Goldenkit who was born with his siblings, Mintkit, Foxkit, Shimmerkit and Snowkit. Little did anyone know that Goldenkit had the spirit of Kris inside of him which meant that Kris had been reincarnated. Sometime after he became leader, he died, but actually got transported to Club Penguin into the PSA HQ. His old friends, Charlie, Agent Pixie, and all the other PSA members found him there and wondered why a cat was there, later to find out Goldenstar could talk and told them that he was a reincarnation of Kris. His PSA members were happy to see him and let him be apart of the PSA once again.

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