Glitterstar, Horntail, Midnight, and Starlight are unicorn puffle siblings owned by Kris. They are all a part of the Starpack. Glitterstar is the leader, all leaders having "star" in their name, and Horntail is the beta.

Horntail, Midnight and Starlight are unique because they are three Unicorn Puffle colors that have a snout while others don't. Horntail is very unique as she is the only pink Unicorn Puffle in all of Club Penguin. They can all talk in Penguin Speak.


Horntail, Midnight, and Starlight were all discovered in the clouds, while GlitterStar was discovered in the wilderness of Club Penguin. Sometime after being adopted by Kris, they formed the Starpack.


  • "Neighh! More glitter!" -GlitterStar
  • "Star light, star bright!" -Starlight
  • "You call that a horn? Look at mine!" -Midnight to Glitterstar
  • "Where's some cotton candy? I NEED SOME NOW!" -Horntail


  • GlitterStar's and Horntail's original names were Mystic Magic and Cotton Candy, respectively, before they founded Starpack.


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