G Billy

Age 18 years
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Drummer/Flutist of the Club Penguin Band, Pianist of Lighthouse
Friends Stompin' Bob
Petey K
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Claire, drums. his bandmates
Related To  ?
Romance Interest Claire
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

G Billy is one of the PSA's secret agents. Hardly any penguins know that he is part of the secret agency. He is also the boyfriend of Claire.

Most of the time, he is either practicing his drums or rocking at a concert with his bandmates. But after the tragic death of Franky, the band disbanded, but the three remaining members still play their instruments on their own. He was the drummer of the band. He, Petey K, and Stompin' Bob became depressed, so Claire tries to cheer up her boyfriend and his two friends.


  • "Whoa whoa whoa! That sounded SICK!"
  • "These babies (drum sets) are going to ROCK THIS PLACE DOWN!"
  • "You got a drumset? How much are you selling it for?"


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