Frozis Custom

Age 17
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends PSA Agents, Other penguins.
Enemies Shadowstar, Villains
Favorites Cake, Singing, Puffles
Related To Carter, Jet, Riley, Kyle.
Romance Interest Faye
Status Alive
Alternate Form Kris
Portrayed By ?

Frozis is the most current version of Kris. It is the incarnation of Kris that comes after Earthis, and the fifth incarnation overall, being the second strongest. Most facts about Frozis are currently unknown due to the fact it's his most recent incarnation and was formed not too long ago. His element is ice. It is unknown if he can do more elemental related powers.


Unlike his previous incarnation, Frozis is more calm and friendly and tries to reason with enemies before attacking, unlike Earthis. He enjoys singing. His favorite song is Memories, by Shawn Mendes; his favorite food is cake; and his favorite color is blue. However, he likes all colors.


After trying to kill Shadowstar once and for all, Shadowstar outsmarted Earthis and killed him before he had the chance to do anything. After a few months, Earthis returned to the earth but as Frozis, with a new personality, new look and strangely, a younger age. Unlike Earthis, Frozis tries to reason with enemies before attacking which Earthis did the opposite. Frozis is also more kind in this incarnation.


Frozis' powers are based on the ice element, and are given to him by his Ice Wings. Unlike previous incarnations, Frozis has less powers.

  • Ice Blast: Frozis shoots ice blasts from his flippers.
  • Ice Cube Icesplosion: Frozis summons an ice cube bomb that creates a huge ice explosion.
  • Icicle Rain: Frozis summons icicles to rain down on enemies.
  • Ice Shard Spin: Frozis spins around and his wings fire off icicles.
  • Ice Wall: Frozis summons a ice wall and pushes towards the enemies.
  • Ice Minions: Frozis summons ice minions to attack enemies.


Frozis has many puffles but usually walks his Blue Crystal Puffle, Sapphire Diamond or his Silver Puffle, Misty. Cloud was his most notable puffle but hasn't been seen ever since Kris died the first time. Cloud has been rumored to be adopted by Tra.


  • Frozis, Charlie, and Jay found the Invisible Puffles and the Red Dragon and Purple Dragon Puffles.


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