Tra custom 1

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA agent
Friends Everyone except his enemies
Enemies Herbert P. Bear, Cadence, pie, Shadowstar
Favorites Puffles, singing.
Related To Carter, Jet, Riley, Kyle
Romance Interest Faye,
Candice (Formerly)
Status Deceased
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
— Flames

Flames was the first elemental version of Kris, being fire. He was one of the founding members of the PSA.


Flames was very challenging and "fought crazy" as he called it. His favorite food was cake, his favorite colors were red and orange, and his favorite song was Stiches, by Shawn Mendes. He also liked wearing hoodies.


Long ago, Kris was an ordinary penguin living an ordinary life, having many friends. After months of his teenaged life, he encountered the PSA by a postcard. He knew of the EPF and the other PSA but he wasn't sure what this PSA stood for. As he entered their headquarters, he was greeted by three friendly agents, Agent Pixie, Agent Tra, and Agent Helmet. Agent Pixie asked Kris if he wanted to be a part of the PSA, and he agreed undoubtedly.

Later on after being with the PSA for a few months, he encountered a mysterious wizard who gave him the elemental power of Fire. After being given this power by the wizard, Kris fell unconscious for a week. Once he woke up, he had the power of fire flowing through him so he gave himself the name "Flame."

After a while as Flame, his power of fire ran out since it had a timer. Flame didn't know this, so after realizing using his fire powers to touch fire and be Golden Flames wouldn't work anymore, he gave up and went back to being named "Kris." After a while of trying to get used to not being Flame, he decided to quit the PSA and got into the music career changing his outfit completely.

Months later, Kris found the wizard that transformed him into Flames. He was confused of why he wasn't Flames anymore all of a sudden. This wizard told him that he had a timer of being harnessed with the power of fire. Kris told him he missed having some type of power. He asked him if he could have some type of elemental power. This wizard had to think for a while. After a day of thinking, the wizard came back to him and told him he would give him a elemental power but he wouldn't tell him what it was. Kris had to figure it out himself. Once transformed, he was given a yellow staff with crystals at both ends. Once the wizard left, he tested out the staff to figure out he was light.

Once in a battle with Kris' worst enemy, Star Blackwood, He was killed by Star as well as his father Jet. He had later been reincarnated as Goldenstar, who reincarnated into Earthis, who died but was reincarnated once again as Frozis, which is the most current incarnation.


Flames could use many powers. In this elemental incarnation, Flames had the least amount of powers. The ones he used were:

Shield Attack: Flames could charge forward or smack the enemy with his shield.
Fire Rain: Flames could make fire fall from the sky.
Golden Flames: Flames could turn into Golden Flames to do many sorts of golden attacks.


  • "You know I could really use some burning right now."
  • "Where's my shield... ROOKIE? DID YOU TOUCH IT?"


Flames owned many different puffles, with the most notable ones being Cloud, his Unicorn Puffles, and Sapphire Diamond.



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