Fashion Show

Members only No
When February 1st - February 7th, 2016
Free Item(s) Tra's Fabulous Giveaway, Cadence's Fashion Fountain Giveaway, Dot's Super Fashionable Giveaway, Unnamed Pixie Giveaway, Locy's Super DJ Giveaway, Lucy's Red Carpet Giveaway
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Tra, Cadence, Dot, Pixie, Lucy, Locy

The Fashion Show was a mini event that took place on February 1st to February 7th, 2016.


Become a fashion sensation at the Fashion Show! Submit your fashionable outfits and perhaps win an award!


Fashion Catalog Items

There was a Fashion Catalog that contained many recolors of items.


  • It takes place a week before Operation:Doomstation
  • All the items, Rooms, Playercards, and Backgrounds were all found very early, so it was known what everything looked like.


Main article: Fashion Show/Gallery

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