Elementals are creatures that can control the elements Ice, Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity, Light, Darkness, and Butter. Those who are an elemental usually become a ninja or wizard, though they may also just be composed of the element.


Ice is the most common element in Club Penguin, as the island is covered in snow and ice. Those who are ice elementals can usually control ice, snow, and cold temperatures.


Water elementals can breath underwater. They can usually control water.


Fire elementals can withstand hot temperatures. They can usually control fire, magma, and heat.


Earth elementals can usually control the land around them, and plants. They can speed up the growth of plants.


Electric elementals can control electricity, and magnets. They are usually good with technology. Robots are often classified as electric elementals, since they need electricity to live.


Light elementals can control light, and time. They work best in broad daylight.


Dark elementals may be seen as evil, though are not always. They can usually control darkness, shadows, and moonlight.


Main article: Card Jitsu Butter

Butter elementals can usually control butter.

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