Earthis Custom1

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends PSA Agents, Other penguins.
Enemies Shadowstar, Villains
Favorites Cake, Singing, Puffles
Related To Carter, Jet, Riley, Kyle
Romance Interest Faye
Status Dead
Alternate Form Kris
Portrayed By ?

Earthis is the fourth incarnation of Kris, and the one that proceeds Goldenstar. Earthis is an earth elemental. Some suspected him to be a human, before proven wrong. Many thought he'd still be named Kris in this incarnation.

Rookie thought that Kris would be the devil in this form, because it is his fourth incarnation. He hoped that Kris would skip to his fifth incarnation after Goldenstar. Others thought he would be evil.


Earthis is a rude, challenging penguin. He is the most evil of the incarnations of Kris, although he is still allied with the PSA.


After being killed in the battle with Shadowstar, Kris soon after returned to the world as Earthis. Soon after Earthis reunited with his family. Shadowstar showed up shortly after, and stole Faye's powers.

Earthis then set out on a journey a few months later, to seek out Shadowstar, and kill him once and for all. Unfortunately, Earthis failed to complete this mission, and was later found dead. A month later, Earthis was reincarnated once again as Frozis.


Earthis's powers are based on the earth element, and are given to him by the Earth Pendant Necklace. Additionally, he is the strongest incarnation of Kris. Powers:

Hook Slash: Earthis slays away with his hook
Rock Launch: Earthis uses his earth elemental powers to summon rocks to throw at enemies.
Earthen Spikes: Earthis can summon Earth Spikes from the ground to launch enemies in the air.
Boulder Spin: Earthis uses the ball and chain on his foot to spin around and throw enemies away.
Mountain Walls: Earthis creates a mountain wall that can push enemies back.
Earthen Heal: Earthis can heal his friends in battle.


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