You'll All Bow Down To Preps And Pookies!
— Dian

Dian Hegland

Age 16 years
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Director of the S.A.S.S.
Friends Preps, pookies
Enemies Locy
Favorites Being a prep
Related To Locy, Lucy, Lilly, and Lucidia
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Dian Hegland, formerly Lulu Hegland, is a mean prep who is the director of S.A.S.S. Before SASS was discovered by the PSA, she hated Locy. She is the richest, most popular girl in Locy's school that everyone except Locy adores. She is hated by Dian because she thinks Locy is a "poor bottom-feeding looser". She hates Locy even more now that she found out Locy is part of the PSA.


Dian is very self-centered, and thinks the world centers around her. She tries to be different from her family, going as far as to change her name from Lulu to Dian so her name didn't start with the same letter as the rest of her family. When she's at school, it's as if she had forgotten about the PSA and SASS, yet she is several times meaner than usually.


  • No one believes Locy and she are cousins because Dian always denies it.
  • She has capitalizing problems.


  • "Locy? Oh Please, She Isn't my cousin. Don't You See How Different We Dress? There's No WAY We Are Related!"


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