Carter Shadow
Carter Custom New Better

Age 25
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position PSA agent
Friends Everyone except for LOVE and the RPF
Enemies RPF, LOVE, Shadowstar
Favorites Kris, Jet, Snowy
Related To Kris, Jet, Faye, Riley, Kyle, Zoey, Joey
Romance Interest Jet
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
You cannot go alone, Kris.
— Carter to Kris

Carter Shadow is the widowed wife of Jet, being the mother of their children, Riley, Kyle, and the deceased Kris. In her free time she works as a PSA agent, just as her husband and Kris did before they died in a battle against Shadowstar. She was the one who bought Kris his pet dog, Snowy.

One time, an enemy of the family pushed her, Snowy, Kris, and Riley into the hidden lake. If it wasn't for Jet, they would have died.


Carter is a very serious agent. She's usually calm, but tends to get nervous if any of her family members go somewhere that involves fighting alone. She's very protective of her family, and shares this trait with Jet. If anything comes to it, she will take out her chainsaw, which she rarely uses. She also enjoys fighting.


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